Bill + Alicia

The past nine months have gone by way to fast.  I am lucky that Alicia Garino walked into my life back around Easter.  I ope we have a long life together.  I Love her with all my heart.  Here is to many more months of Love!

Sunset at the Beach


Gilbert, Arizona

Took this on a photo shoot, doing my best friends Christmas Card pictures.  This is a neat park in Gilbert, Arizona.  If you look to the left the building is a Library.  December 2015

Salt Lake Temple Lights



I know that it has been about a year an half since I have wrote any thing here.  So I think it is time for an update.


I had been in and out of the hospital in May and July.  Came home with oxygen.  My goal was to get off the oxygen as soon as I could.  I started walking August and build up my strength.  By December I was given the OK to stop using the oxygen everyday, but at night.  At this point I don't use it unless I am sick.

I had really turned things around health wise, but by January I started to slip.  Slow started to stop walking, drinking more soda, and not eating right.  In August I started watching what I ate and started to walk again. Kind of slip after Thanksgiving and December, but getting back on track.  (You will see why all the up and downs later.)


Work is going good.  Still working for the airlines.  I have been working on the same desk for 2 years now and love it.  I like booking flights for people all around the world.  This past year, I have been us…

Mesa Arizona Temple

Picture I took of the LDS Temple in Mesa, Arizona on Dec. 20, 2016.

Long Distance Relationships!

My experience with long distance relationships is not a good one.  I have had two in the past 2 years that I have been divorced.  Both ended with a text saying they were getting married to someone else.  I told myself never again.  Local Girls Only!!!  But the local girls have not panned out either.

As I was recovering from a forced vacation ( 2 weeks in a hospital and 3 weeks in a rehab center), I was surfing the LDS dating sites.  I got a message from a girl that was from Utah and we started talking.  We both told each other that we were not really looking for a long distance relationship thing.  She dated a few times as we talked and kept telling me how the guys there were not up to par.  We kept talking almost everyday and the bond kept on building. 

She did come see for my birthday, and even meet my Best Friend and his family.  There is a connection between us.  We talk or Skype to each other almost everyday.  I hope to see she next month when I go to Utah.  We will see were this g…