Long Distance Relationships!

My experience with long distance relationships is not a good one.  I have had two in the past 2 years that I have been divorced.  Both ended with a text saying they were getting married to someone else.  I told myself never again.  Local Girls Only!!!  But the local girls have not panned out either.

As I was recovering from a forced vacation ( 2 weeks in a hospital and 3 weeks in a rehab center), I was surfing the LDS dating sites.  I got a message from a girl that was from Utah and we started talking.  We both told each other that we were not really looking for a long distance relationship thing.  She dated a few times as we talked and kept telling me how the guys there were not up to par.  We kept talking almost everyday and the bond kept on building. 

She did come see for my birthday, and even meet my Best Friend and his family.  There is a connection between us.  We talk or Skype to each other almost everyday.  I hope to see she next month when I go to Utah.  We will see were this g…

How I feel about dating!


My Go Fund Me Page

So my best friends son has set up a go fund me page, to help pay for my medical and regular bills since I am out of work.  Hope to get back to work soon, but have to wait to see the lung doctor to get clearance.  Here is the link for the GoFundMe page.

Three years of Bloging.

April marked three years that I have been writing here.  There have been a lot of ups and downs, probably more downs then anything else.  But I am glad I have  had this place to kind of get things off my chest.  I know that some of my writing have been very dark, but that is what I was feel or going through at the time.  I feel like life has gotten much better since I have started this, with the hospital stay being a set back.  But I am moving forward  And hopefully be able to achieve some of the goals and plans I have set in the future.  Only time will tell.

There have been over 10,000 view of my blog over the three years.  I know of  few that have read it, but would love to know who have and why?  But I thank you for following and all of the love and support that you have shown me.

What will the Future Hold?

As I sit here in the rehab center, my thoughts are what happens when I get out.  I have to make a lot of life changes.  A lot I knew I need to change before I got sick, but there are some unanswered as well.

The one that is unanswered at this time is oxygen.  Do I have to go home still using oxygen, and will it be for the rest of my life.  I am to young to be tired to an oxygen tank.  I have a lot I still want to do, and if I had the oxygen, I would not be able to do them, like go to Germany.  It does not seem like they are trying to whine me off it. So I don't know.

I really worry about work and paying my bills.  On May 9, with the help of my dad and the hospital, I filed for Family Leave.  But my work has still not processed it yet.  Also with work, there was a week, were my phone did not work and I was so out of it, that I did not call in sick, even though my supervisor knows I was in the hospital.  But work marked me as a No Show.  So I don't know what is going to happen whe…

My stay in the Hospital.

Three weeks ago I knew I was sick.  I knew I could not breath.  That I could not walk to my car to a computer at work.  I knew that it hurt to walk to the washer to do laundry and back.  I kept this up for 2 weeks.  I wish that the doctors office would have read the chest x-ray that I had taken the week before earlier so it would have made me go to the Hospital sooner.  But who am I kidding.  Everyone around me were telling me I was not OK.  I took trying to get to work and a friend that would not let up that would get me there.

So on the 28 of April I sat in my room trying to get ready for work.  It was just not happening.  I called in sick and by 3 and talking to my friend Delmar I was going to the hospital.  Getting to the hospital took me  hours to get there.  Just had no energy.   

I was admitted and that started the crazy ride in the hospital.  The next day I was just sitting in bed trying to talk to people on the phone, but that was just to hard to do.  I told the nurse that I wa…

Back at the Track

Last night, for just a brief moment, I was back at the track.  I found the 944 ready to go.  Dad had her all set up.  But it has been awhile, and I have a few questions.
The first one was, has the car been teched.  My dad's reply, Don't worry about it, it has been taken care of.
I don't have  licence.  My dad's reply,  Don't worry about it, it has been taken care of.
My helmet is out of date and my racing suit will not fit.  My dad's reply, Don't worry about it, it has  been taken care of.

Who was the sanctioning body for this race.  My dad's reply, don't worry about it, it has been taken care of. 

My only worry now, is would I remember how to drive the car.  Would I know the breaking points.  But I looked around at all of the people, some I remember, and all the different cars.  Out to have fun for just a brief moment.  A moment that never happened at 3 in the morning.